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Trend Tuesday: Polishing Up

#TrendTuesday: Polishing Up

You’ve probably seen it. You just didn’t know it had a name.

But accent nails can be found on the pretty, perfectly polished fingernails of belles all across the country – as well as on some of your favorite chic celebrities.

An accent nail is exactly what it sounds like: one finger nail out of the 10 (usually the left or right ring finger) is painted a different color than the rest of nails, creating contrast and giving any manicure a nice pop!

Accent nails are very versatile, and they give belles the perfect opportunity to try out wild nail polish colors without overdoing it. Belles can also try out different nail polish combinations to find out what works and what doesn’t. (But sorry belles, yellow nail polish will still never be in style. No matter what combination you use it in).  

My favorite accent nails use glitter to liven up some otherwise dull, lifeless colors –  and what belle doesn’t like an excuse to use glitter? Other accent nails peg one bold color, such as bright coral, against a softer color, like light lavender.

Accent nails are fun way to create unique manicures that everyone will notice… and probably envy. So try it out!

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